The Kings Square Panorama Photo


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Panorama of Copenhagen's historic space, photographed in August. The 10 photos that make up the panoramic image are photographed from the roof of Charlottenborg Exhibition Hall. The picture shows the King's Square with the Royal Theatre, the many historic buildings such as Magasin du Nord department store, Hotel D'Angletere, Jyllands-Posten newspaper headquarters, and the French Embassy. In the center of the square are the beautiful lawn, flowerbed and the equestrian statue of Christian V. The photograph is created using Lambda printing, known as the most advanced system for producing the highest quality, glossy photographic prints available for large format printing. The pictures are sold signed by the artist himself. The photo is not framed.

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Kongens Nytorv is a central old square and home to prominent institutions such as the Royal Theatre, the D'Angleterre Hotel and the Charlottenborg Academy.

The square was constructed in 1908. It is encircled by buildings on five sides, was paved with cobblestones in 1670, and the equestrian statue of Christian V on horseback was raised in 1688. It is the oldest equestrian statue and royal sculpture in Copenhagen.

Plans for The King's New Square was laid out by Christian lV when he bought the land.The square got its name around 1670 when Christan V continued the plans and let noble families build palaces around the square. In 1672 Charlottenborg, a former royal palace, today the home of the Royal Academy of Art, was inaugerated. In the square you'll also find the New Royal Theatre which opened up at this address already in 1774.

The statue in the middle of the square is Christian V by the French sculptor Lamoureux.

In wintertime the middle of the square is transformed into a large skating-rink.


Size: 125 x 48 cm