Toke Stingray Bracelet


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by Sejr Copenhagen
Black Stingray leather bracelet with a cylindrical magnetic lock in matte titanium. The bracelet is packaged in a black box made in Denmark from recycled cardboard.
SEJR jewellery is handcrafted and all the metal in their jewellery is pure Titanium - a very light, strong and skin-friendly material that can safely be worn by allergy sufferers.

Stingray is a very strong and expensive leather. The flat spikes on the skin sparkle like a diamond making it no wonder that it is such an exclusive material. Stingrays are not under threat of extinction and the protein-rich fish are used for food – Sejr Copenhagen simply puts their skins to good use.

As the leather is a natural material, it should be handled with care and avoid water. Since the leather is aniline dyed, a slight discoloration might occur on your skin on rare occasions.


Inner circumference size:
Small: 16 cm
Medium: 17 cm
Large 18 cm
Lock Diameter: 8 mm

Due to the special surface of stingray leather a minimum of care is needed. However, a little leather grease and a polish will make your jewelry last longer.