Commercial Consultancy for Cultural Institutions

Launching CultureNordic, we made an interesting discovery….


Whilst Museums increasingly look to leverage their cultural assets in their ongoing effort
to generate revenue, we often discovered in our discussions – finding the perfect
range of merchandise or potential commercial and artistic collaborations – that
many museums were struggling to precisely formulate their “brand”.

On the surface of it, questions such as:

What is our cultural vision? And who precisely is our target audience?

should be pretty straight forward. However this knowledge and understanding
is at best implicit and all too often a gut-feel. The implications for this lack
of clarity, impacts all aspects of a Museums strategy, ranging from how to structure
the organization to how best to design and present the Museum shop.



Concepts is a tool that helps us focus our efforts, choose the correct content and
formulate the narrative. A clear and well concept is easy for the audience to engage
in, and everyone on the project to the event will get a clear idea of the purpose
and effect of their work.

We have even developed two powerful tools to help you develop new concepts
for dissemination of academic content in cultural institutions and media. One is
called SHARP, and the second is called CULTURE THE COMPASS.

Our models work in principle in a series, but can also be used individually addressing
different parts of the concept development and subsequent production. We
also use a number of recognized tools to strengthen the development of ideas in
groups. Again, this process can stand alone if you want to generate plenty of ideas
to work on.



Our tools for idea development are based on a number of proven processes that
generate a lot of ideas in themselves. We work extensively with workshops, which can
vary in length from a couple of hours to a full day, depending on how much you want
to deepen and qualify the ideas.
It is important to have a generate a framework to align the cultural institutions resources
and organisations but must also be open enough to allow for new ideas that
can be developed in all new directions. The framework is generally agreed upon in
advance. The Workshop format contributes to the ideas evolving in many directions,
going beyond the expected level of creativity and ensures that they become common
property, all of which all can work on. A very egalitarian and Scandinavian approach!
Our idea development workshops always round off with a prioritisation and selection
of the best ideas.

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User involvement is about getting to know who your audience
is. The goal is to ensure that your cultural events, exhibitions
and performances are relevant to them, you want to visit.

We work with the user in four steps:
• Clarification of the audience group
• Quantitative and / or qualitative study of audience needs
• Analysis of the audience needs and key pointers
• Inclusion of results in the work of development of cultural

Finally, you can let your cultural event or experience be “tested”
by a panel of potential audience (focus groups), before it
becomes available to the general public.



Lasse Marker has predominantly worked with media management and advising on
managing and influencing the minefield that is cultural politics.

He has hosted one of the most influential and top rated culturally focused programs,
at the National Broadcasting Company of Denmark DR. His expertise within the cultural
segment is in large part thanks to an extensive and broad immersion in all aspects
of the cultural spectrum, working as a journalist, analyst, TV host and editor for
on National TV.

Lasse is the author of “Culture Lovers and the Guard dog” (2016) and “6 reasons
why shit never happens in the Danish cultural sector” (2014). He has two bachelor’s
degrees and a master’s degree from Copenhagen University and a Bachelor of Commerce
title from Copenhagen Business Academy.


Søren Mikael Rasmussen works predominantly with management skills, media training,
concept development and audience development within the culture sector.

Søren Mikael developed these skills and insight through an extensive career in senior
management for the Danish National Broadcasting company, where he developed
and headed the launch of the award winning DR Culture Channel. Søren Mikael has
also headed TV2 East, P4 Copenhagen and DR’s Knowledge and Science section. He
is certified in several management tools (JTI and CCV), and has an MBA in management,
innovation and business development. Tools with which he today coaches a
number of executives from the nation’s largest media companies.

Søren Mikael is author of the book “Culture Lover and Guard Dog” (2016) and has
over 20 years experience in media training of radio and TV hosts.

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