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VIKINGS – National Museum of Denmark

One episode above all else reminds us of, how much our modern day preconception of the Vikings is so very limited.

In about the 10th century a young Viking called Halfdan, inscribed in the marble collonade in the great Cathederal Hagia Sophia in Istanbul, the words “I was here”. An act worthy of the modern tourist! Halfdan was probably a member of the elite Varangian, who were the personal guard for the Sultans at the time, but what it documents above all else, is how the Vikings over a millenium ago, already then, were comfortably travelling from the North Sea to the  Mediterranean and beyond; as seasoned and respected traders and warrriors.

Discover the mysterious world of the Viking’s with this beautiful curated collection of authentic Nordic gifts.

The National Museum of Denmark
Prinsens Palæ
Frederiksholms Kanal 12
1220 København K


Hornvare Drinking Horn



Hornvare Tea light holder



Hornvare Candlestick Polished Little



Hornvare Egg Spoon



Key to the Gates of Heaven Pendant in Silver



Arctic Snow Pillow Case Medium



Arctic Fox Pillow Case Medium



Arctic Fox Pillow Case Small



Viking Shield



Viking Spectical Helmet – Battle Ready



Carved Drinking Horn in Brass



Six Handmade Viking Dice



Gold Thor’s Hammer Pendant



Viking Drinking Horn

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Viking Wheel Earrings



Viking ship Mobile



Viking Axe Pendant



Dragon Pendant and Brooch



Viking Runes T-Shirt



Small Viking Glass



Viking Woodcarving Relief



Silver Thor’s Hammer Pendant



The God Thor



Viking Sword



Viking Rune Jacket



Valkyrie from Hårby