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  • Skagens Museum positioned at the very tip of Jutland, where the North Sea meets the Skaggerak

Skagens Museum

Skagens Museum was founded in the dining room at Brøndum’s Hotel in Skagen on the 20th October 1908. Pharmacist Victor Christian Emanuel Klæbel, hotel owner Degn Brøndum and the artists Michael Ancher, P.S. Krøyer and Laurits Tuxen were elected to form the first board. The aim was to gather the works of the Skagen painters and to raise funds for the construction of a museum.

During the summers of 1907-09 the Skagen painters exhibited at the Technical School. After P.S. Krøyer’s death in 1909, his house in Skagen Plantation was used as a museum. In 1919 Degn Brøndum donated the hotel’s old garden to Skagens Museum. Here the building of the museum, planned by the architect Ulrik Plesner, was commenced in 1926. The building project was financed by private means and foundations, where the greatest contributors were Degn Brøndum, Laurits Tuxen and the New Carlsberg Foundation. The new museum was inaugurated on the 22nd September 1928. At that time the museum’s collection consisted of approx. 325 artworks, many of which were donated by the artists themselves.

In 1982 the exhibition rooms were extended with an annex designed by Royal Building Inspector, architect Jacob Blegvad. The same architect also designed the museum’s latest extension which was inaugurated in 1989. It was built with the help of funds from the Aage V. Jensen Charity Foundation and improved the public facilities. In 1997 the museum administration moved to the Technical School. Today Skagens Museum has approx. 1900 works of art.

Visit Skagens Museum online:
Skagens Museum – Google Art Project


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Skagens Museum Drawing Block