A Viking Ship

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Have you always dreamt of owning your own authentic Viking Ship, built by craftsmen in the ancient Nordic capital of Roskilde? The Viking Museum are now in a position to build a Viking Ship to order, from a range of models. Why not go for the full battle cruising Gokstad Ship measuring nearly 10 meters!

The Viking Ship Museum is much more than just a museum - it's a working, living museum, where craftsmen, using authentic tools, have re-discovered the ancient skills of how the Vikings built these ultimate war machines.

All Ships are hand-built to order and prices will be provided on request. Contact [email protected] to order your ship.


Are you interested in a wooden boat of Scandinavian design, with a high standard of craftsmanship and with an historical background? The Viking Ship Museum’s boatyard produces and sells traditional wooden boats and Viking ships.

The price of a Viking ship / boat depends primarily on the production method, which greatly impacts the hours required. If everything is to be completely authentic (i.e. built as in the Viking Age, where everything is produced manually, such as the felling and preparing the timber from the forest, with tools that existed during the Viking era (including ropes, iron nails, sails) will as you can imagine take many hours. For example the saw was not invented, during the Viking times!

However, we can streamline the building process today. It is possible to order a boat / ship, where everything is made to a Viking specification, but where we build with a combination of modern tools and Viking tools, so the result will appear in quality and appearance, just like a ship from the Viking Age.

Here are just some ball-park figures (excluding sales tax) - call if you want a unique Viking artefact!

Skuldelev 6
(12 meters, 7 pair of oars and sail): €250,000 - €400,000

The Large Gokstad
(10 meters, 6 pair of oars and sail): €113,000 – €160,000
The Little Gokstad
(6,5 meters, 2 pair of oars, sail): €33,000 – 53,000

Finally, it should be mentioned that we also sell traditional Nordic ships of a newer era, built in the same tradition but 800 – 1000 years younger. These are far cheaper to build, because the construction is along more efficient work processes and the use of modern tools. The boat featured is for example a traditional Faeroese boat called Trýbekkur
(2 pair of oars, lug sail) €18,000